Karl Eisenhart: 6 and 9 string guitars and vocals

Originally from upstate New York, Karl has spent the last fifteen years playing in guitar and singing in a wide variety of bands. They have ranged from dance music and oldies (The Starlites, The Byrd Pressley band) to straight-ahead rock (Twist of Fate, Beef) to country (Gritz, Silverthorne) to his other current project, which is an all-original progressive rock band (Pinnacle), and the occasional solo acoustic show.
    He has released three solo albums and four albums with various bands (including RED’s 2002 release, Oracle.) He is currently working on a new RED album, a new Pinnacle album and two other projects all in his home recording studio.
    His musical influences range from pop acts such as Seal and Aimee Mann to progressive bands such as Rush, Marillion and Jethro Tull.
    Karl is also the one that gets stuck writing everyone else’s bios for the website, but somehow his is always the shortest.